What Personalized Finishes Are Available For Metal Business Cards?

There is absolutely no doubt that metal business cards offer greater personalization options and allow greater creativity and this is one more reason to select metal business cards, personalized finishes are a common feature especially in certain industries where individuals have the freedom to be creative with their marketing ideas, programmers, artists and self-employed technicians as well but there are a few industries which restrict you to more conventional designs and cut outs, for instance if you are finance professional or an auditor then your business card shouldn’t be a glossy black metal business card with gold or any other color pattern, that simply doesn’t fit well in that industry.

Metal Kards

When you have the freedom to select the type of personalized finish and custom cuts outs you can choose from matte, glossy, mirror or brushed textured finishes, all of these are different from one another and these provide a different looks, all of these work differently with different patterns which are intricate to say the least, and when you use laser cutting on Metal Kards then it gives such an elegant finish.

With etching on one side and rough pattern on the other, Brushed finish on a metal business provides an unmatched finish, many believe it to be the best combination and having seen some fine examples of one such card I cannot argue that there are options that are much better than a brushed finish metal card with just the right pattern, and ones who want their metal business card to look unique even among the most unique of metal business cards should go for brushed texture with a font which isn’t often used in the industry, this way their personalized metal business card would look the most unique in every possible sense.

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