Double Trouble - A Musical Tour de Farce
Double Trouble - A Musical Tour de Farce

Book, Music & Lyrics by Bob Walton and Jim Walton

Musical Synopsis

Act One
1 Overture Chorus: Pre-recorded
2 Just The Two Of Us Jimmy & Bobby
3 Jimmy Riff’s A Song #1 Jimmy & Bobby
4 First Class Love Bobby & Jimmy
5 Jimmy Riffs A Song #2 Jimmy
6 You Can Do Anything Rebecca & Bobby
7 Bobby Writes “Let’s Take It Slow” Bobby
8 Swifty’s Song Swifty
9 Harlem Nights Millie & Jimmy
10 You Can Do Anything Reprise Rebecca & Jimmy
11 Jimmy Writes “Inspiration” Jimmy
12 Jimmy And Bobby Write “Gotcha” Jimmy & Bobby
13 Better Off Without You Bobby & Jimmy
Act Two
14 Cold Sesame Noodles Millie & Swifty
15 Let's Take It Slow Bobby & Preston Creest
16 A Very Good First Impression - Part 1 Seymour
17 A Very Good First Impression - Part 2 Seymour & Swifty
18 Gotcha! Seymour, Rebecca, Ensemble V/O
19 Just The Two Of Us (Reprise) Bobby & Jimmy
20 Back To Old Broadway Jimmy & Bobby

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Double Trouble Audio

Audio clips of the authors’ live performance of DOUBLE TROUBLE.

Just the Two of Us
First Class Love
You Can Do Anything
Swifty's Song
You Can Do Anything (reprise)
Cold Sesame Noodles
A Very Good First Impression
Back to Old Broadway

Set Requirements

ONE MODULAR SET: A rehearsal studio with an upright piano (functional, if needed), a recording booth with sound proof window, a desk with phone and intercom, a water cooler, a chaise lounge and various Hollywood knickknacks on a shelf. Upstage by the door we see a frosted sliding glass window that shows part of the hallway. On one side of the set is a door leading to a bathroom, and on the other side, a closet.

Important Details

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Cast Requirements

Double Trouble is performed by two men, each playing one half of a singing, dancing and songwriting team as well as multiple other characters.


Bobby Martin
Jimmy Martin

Bobby’s Characters:

  • Merwin M. Garner – the boss of MMG Studios
  • Millie Ferber – Mr. Garner's secretary
  • Seymour Beckley – an intern
  • Rebecca Lefleurdelemaganis – the beautiful redhead movie star

Jimmy’s Characters:

  • Jenna Jumper – host of Jenna Jumper's Cavalcade of Stars
  • Preston Creest – a famous director-choreographer
  • Bix Minky – the audio engineer
  • Swifty Morris – a slick, Hollywood agent
  • Rebecca Lefleurdelemaganis – the beautiful redhead movie star

Rental Materials





10 BOOKS (1 or 2 PLAYERS*)

*Both performers in DOUBLE TROUBLE play the piano on stage in addition to one piano player in the pit. This is not essential – a fake piano may be used on stage (angled away from the audience) and a second piano player may be added to the pit.


  • Keyboard I - Piano/Conductor
  • Keyboard II
  • Drums/Percussion
  • Trumpet
  • Reeds - Tenor Sax/Clarinet/Flute

Additional books:

  • Trombone
  • Upright Bass (free up left hand of Keyboard II)

The show can be done with Piano/Bass/Drums or with Solo Piano.