MID-LIFE 2! the Crisis Continues

Book, Music & Lyrics by Jim Walton and Bob Walton


January 10 - February 23, 2019

in the Off-Broadway Palm at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre

1380 Colonial Blvd • Ft. Myers, Florida 33907
Box Office: 239-278-4422


MID-LIFE 2! #WhatDidIComeInHereFor?

The follow up to the hilarious MID-LIFE! The Crisis Musical, MID-LIFE 2! #WhatDidIComeInHereFor? takes us back into the middle ages once again with a hilariously tuneful look at the aches, pains, and joys of getting older. From ever-increasing trips to the doctor’s office, to the horrifying moment when one qualifies for a senior discount, the ever-growing legion of aging Baby Boomers and beyond are sure to see their lives reflected in this brand new, witty musical revue.

Musical Synopsis

Prologue/In Crisis All
Young All
A Senior Discount M2, M3, W2, W3
Turning Fifty M1
For Better Or For Worse (Scene) M1, M3, W1, M3 (v/o)
Questions M3
Side Effects M2
Nana W3
A Trip To The Doctor M1, M2, M3, W2
Salt and Pepper Hair W1, M3
Mid-Life Mirrors M1, M3, W3
Classical Low-T All
The Last Song Before Intermission All
Entr'acte Orchestra
Senior Moments All
A Trip To The Drugstore W2
Stop and Smell The Roses M1, M2, W1
The Love Of My Life M1, M2, W1, W2, W3 (v/o)
The Golf Widow Blues W1
I'd Like To Forget W1, W2, W3
Another Trip To The Doctor M1, M2, W2
The Old Neighborhood W3, M3
Bucket List All
Like A Kid All
Bows/In Crisis Finale All

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Set Requirements

As in MID-LIFE! the Crisis Musical, the set should be an attractive, functional "revue" format, to enable the quick changing of locations. We have also retained the use of screens that project the title of the upcoming song/scene. Perhaps after a song or scene has begun, a color is projected to allow the screens to blend into the set - or perhaps they revert to an image of an eye chart or the show logo.

The Cast

Three men and three women, all in various ranges of their middle years. With some clever adjustments and reassignment of roles and vocal parts, the show can be done with three men and two women.


Presently, the show is scored for a solo pianist who is on stage.