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1. Welcome To Mid-Life!

The jaunty opening number that features all six actors, listing all the joys that await us in mid-life. Can be done with fewer people.

2. Turning Forty

A man turns 40, and feels great - but has begun to realize something disturbing: He's turning into his Dad and there's no place for him to hide [or Hyde].
Uptempo - Male

3. When He Laughs

A woman has laser eye surgery and sees many things much more clearly - including her husband. A sweet and humorous ballad.
Ballad - Female

4. My Lost Love

A man wrestles with the good and bad of his life: A great wife, kids - but there's one regret, one love he misses most. His hair.
A pretty and indulgent ballad - Male

5. The Long Goodbye

Three friends sit on a park bench, not watching their children play - but instead seeing their elderly parents facing the effects of dementia.
A heartfelt ballad - Two Females / One Male

6. Another Trip To The Doctor

Two men sitting in a doctor's waiting room, dreading the procedure that is to come. Neither want to go through with it until at the end, they find out their regular doctor had an emergency and a female doctor is seeing his patients. Suddenly, they're excited!?
Two Males / One non-singing Female

7. I'm Not Ready

At the end of the show, all the cast members come together to sing with an optimistic look to the future. A contemporary ballad with movement, 3 men/3 women or could be easily worked up with a smaller number.

Double Trouble

1. Just The Two Of Us

The opening number where Jimmy and Bobby are excited to be in Hollywood - and they only need each other to write that big hit song!
Uptempo - Two Males

2. First Class Love

Jimmy and Bobby pitch a song they just started writing while on the airplane to Hollywood. Yes, the brothers are winging the song.
Uptempo - Two Males [Could be done as a solo.]

3. Harlem Nights

In the show, Millie helps Jimmy remember a great song they wrote for their last Broadway show. A clever duet with an intercom in the musical, but here it has been reworked as a solo.
Uptempo - Male [Could be altered for a female - (pronouns and the key)]

4. You Can Do Anything

Rebecca [Jimmy] tries to seduce Bobby into writing a song for her - "You don't need your brother..." Later she uses the same trick on the other brother [it gets confusing!] Here she seduces him and strokes his ego. That sounds dirty, but it's not!
Uptempo - Two Males (one as female)

5. Cold Sesame Noodles

Millie [Bobby] and the slippery agent, Swifty [Jimmy] realize they went to the same elementary school in the Bronx. They sing about the old days, and what they miss more than anything is the good Chinese food.
Uptempo - Male/Female

6. A Very Good First Impression

The sweet but very nerdy gopher, Seymour [Bobby], wants to do his impressions for Swifty in hopes of getting an agent. His impressions are pretty good, in spite of his bad teeth, bad hair and Jerry Lewis like voice.
Uptempo Novelty Song - Male

7. Back To Old Broadway

It appears that the brothers have failed, and they decide they would be better off back in New York, where they really belong. Of course, this is a musical and it ends well and they become rich and famous.
Uptempo Broadway Song - Two Males

A Day in Gloucester

1. Who Couldn't Like It Here?

Gavin Matthews, a novelist who is very well known in Gloucester because of his book that was set during The Revolutionary War, arrives to judge their re-enactment ceremony and isn't nearly as thrilled as the townsfolk are.
Character Song - Male

2. Superb

Jack Teasdale, an arrogant, dim-witted actor-wanna-be is jealous because of the attention that Gavin is giving to Heather, his "fiance" (in his mind anyway). He sings about his anger, but always gets side tracked when thinks about his own performance in the town's pageant.
Uptempo - Male

3. He's On His Way

Gavin tries his best to hit on Heather, but she has a tough side and won't let his cynicism try to ruin her image of what love should be.
Uptempo - Female

4. A Sure Sign Of Spring

Because of the repeating day event Gavin has time to polish his approach on wooing Heather. Finally, she begins to fall for him - we're just not sure we want her to!
Charm Song - Female

5. It's About Time

After living through so many repeating days, frustrations, heart breaks, and even suicides - Gavin finally begins to think about how he might accept his fate.
Dramatic Ballad - Male

6. Think About it

An earlier song and plot point that was eventually cut - The town was terribly saddened when a young boy, Andrew, committed suicide. Gavin tries to change the course of that event, and in doing so begins to make changes in himself.
Dramatic Ballad - Male

A High School Musical 1973

1. School Love

Zack, the popular kid falls instantly in love with the new girl in school, Vanessa. Not much else to say, except cue the mirror ball.
Uptempo duet Male/Female

2. Opposites Attract

After Vanessa learns that Zack is a Young Republican, she begins to doubt if they will ever make it as a couple. Zack convinces her that with love, anything is possible.
Uptempo - Male/Female

3. Back When We Were Young

The put-upon adults sing about their frustrations with these disrespectful teenagers. Noisy, crazy, dirty, lazy...well, you get the idea.
Uptempo - 2 Males/2 Females (could be done as a duet.)

4. Totally Hot

Karrie, the mean girl cheerleader who is jealous and wants Zack to herself, sings a song explaining why he should want her.
Uptempo - Solo (with 3 female back ups if wanted)

5. Benji's Rock Song

The lovable brainiac, Benji, sings a song to his best friend in the whole world - his Pet Rock.
Anthem-Ballad/Male (with back up singers, but not necessary)

6. Listen To The Beat Of My Heart

Zack is "this close" to losing Vanessa for good, but thank goodness for pop music with horns and strings, that wins her back.
A Donny and Marie type of Uptempo - Duet

Miscellaneous Songs 1

1. A Really Great Acting Song

Remember everything you learned in classes about how to audition? Well, forget all that because this song undoes years of well-found lessons in under 3 minutes.
Uptempo/Ballad [it's EVERYTHING!] is scored for a Male but could work with Female too.

2. Anything But Cute

Shows the frustrations some lucky women have by just being too damn cute for their own good. "I'm cute as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"
Uptempo comic - Female

3. At Home In My Kitchen

You know how all your auditions sound better when you're at home practicing? This song is perfect for you then!
Uptempo - tap possibilities Scored for a Male but could be done by Female too.

4. Come Play Catch With Me

The worries and frustrations of a bad day disappear for this father when his young son asks him to throw the baseball.
Contemporary Ballad - Male

5. He Still Brings Me Flowers

A woman reminisces about her ex and recalls the sweetness of that time.
Ballad - Female

6. My True Love

A young girl (usually!) is happy that she was patient and waited for true love to come along. Unfortunately, when it did, it was Carrot Top.
Contemporary Ballad - Female

7. She's Not The Same

A man sings sweetly about the love of his life, and how - just like the rest of us - she hasn't been able to escape the effects of aging. Only, it's not his wife - it's his dog.
Comic Ballad - Male

8. The Lessons

A young persons recalls all the meaningful lessons his parents have taught him over the years. Of course many of them were wrong...
Originally written for a Male, but could easily be changed for Female.

9. We Ain't Got The Right (To Sing The Blues)

A couple of upper middle class guys singing about how tough their lives are - you know, sorta like when there's a long line at Starbucks...
Contemporary Blues - 2 Males originally

10. Late Night Chat

What does a wife and mother do after everyone is asleep? Well, this is one possibility. Remember the innocent days of external modems?!?
Uptempo Comic Jazz - Female

Miscellaneous Songs 2

1. Come On In, The Water's Great!

From a version of TITANIC if Bob had written. It's probably a good thing he didn't.
Comic Uptempo for Male

2. 5/4

A young woman sings about her favorite lover. He may not have been tall when he was standing up --- It's a song about height and Dave Bruebeck would like the time signature.
Uptempo Comic - Female

3. A Quiet Goodbye

The next to last song in a club act, where one of the performers decides HE should sing the solo - which makes the other performer a little mad, and well, he's not always very mature.
Comic Ballad - Two Males, but could be Two Females or Male/Female.

4. Romulus and Remus (The Opera)

Imagine the praise you will get when you and a friend wow your audience as you venture into the land of opera! Here the fabled founders of Rome begin to think they might have been adopted.
Short Comic Opera - Two Males

5.The Wright Brothers

This could have been how it all got started for the Wright Brothers - I mean, history books and stuff could be wrong, right?
Comic Uptempo - Two Males

6. My Wounded Inner Child

A strange little performance piece - A man tries to heal his wounded inner child by singing to the audience about his feelings. To his surprise, a little hand puppet comes out from under his jacket, and - let's just say - he's not a pleasant little fellow. Especially perfect if you happen to have a fake arm sewn into your jacket!
Ballad/Uptempo Comic - One Male [w/puppet] and a one line assist from the pianist if possible.

7. How Do You Like The Show So Far?

The house lights dim, a hush falls over the audience - the cabaret stage lights come up and two very needy performers immediately ask you the title question.
Absurd Comic Ballad - Two performers

8. Cool Mom

Who says bad parenting isn't fun? This Mom is very hip and learns what a MILF is by reading her daughter's diary. So sweet!
Comic Uptempo - Female

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